Quality Firewood

Our firewood is a mixture of local Northern hardwoods. It is of the finest quality and has been specifically cut for use as firewood in a fireplace or stove.

We cut the firewood to 12″ or 16″-18″ inch lengths. The wood is split so it is easy to handle and burn without needing to be re-split.

We can deliver in quantities of a half cord or more.

1 cord = 128 cubic feet

Quantities are limited so call today for availability and pricing.

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How to Choose Firewood

  • Buy in the summer. As winter proceeds there is less and less quality seasoned firewood available as suppliers run out of the seasoned wood they have stored so buy early!
  • Buy from reputable suppliers who have an interest in supplying quality materials, cheap wood which sits smouldering on the fire or does not light is not good value.